Gaeltec has been developing and manufacturing miniature pressure transducers and associated equipment for over thirty years.

The company designs and manufactures the thin film resistive strain gauge sensors as well as the housings and catheters at the Dunvegan premises. Close involvement with research groups in many fields has led to successful products in current use in engineering research, clinical neurology, urology and gastroenterology, etc.

Many other specialised projects have been completed with veterinarians, cardiologists, linguists, diving physiologists, anatomists and even a formula one racing team. We have developed from these projects a wide range of sensors and techniques that can be used in different combinations. This allows flexibility in many fields, e.g. the measurement of pressure, force, EMG, temperature, conductivity, flow, etc.

Alongside the main products, catheter tip pressure transducers, we have developed interface units and strain gauge amplifiers to complement them.

To make full use of the advantages of catheter tip pressure transducers in physiological measurements, we have developed an ambulatory recorder with up to 8 input channels and an event marker. There can be up to 10 traces on the screen to display the input channels and signals derived from them.

We also specialise in:

  • Single and multisensor flexible catheters with, or without, lumens or EMG electordes;
  • Sensors mounted on needles;
  • Intracranial transducers;
  • Sensors mounted in customised housings;
  • Ambulatory recorders; and
  • Transducer control units

Useful information

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