Before Cleaning please read these WARNINGS

Gaeltec transducers are sensitive electronic instruments and will be damaged if they are subjected to high pressures, high temperatures or rough treatment.

  • Do not expose to high temperatures (≥70°C), e.g. by autoclaving.
  • Do not expose to high or low pressure environments, e.g. by autoclaving.
  • Do not immerse in ultrasonic cleaners.
  • Do not clean using high pressure jet.
  • Do not scrub clean using a stiff brush or coarse cloth.
  • Do not use blades, wires, needles or other sharp or hard instruments for cleaning.
  • Do not apply pressure to the sensors.
  • Do not use chlorinated hydrocarbons.
  • Do not soak in sodium hypochlorite solution (e.g. Milton).
  • Do not get liquid on the connector pins or inside the connector.


Limitations on reprocessing

Repeated processing has minimal effect on these devices. End of life is normally determined by wear and damage due to use.

Recommended Cleaning Solutions Manufacturer
Enzol Johnson & Johnson
Deconex 36 Intensiv Borer Chemie


Recommended Disinfection Solutions Manufacturer
Cidex OPA Johnson & Johnson
RelyOn PeraSafe DuPont
Deconex 53 Plus Borer Chemie



Point of use:

Carefully remove excess soil with disposable cloth/paper wipe taking care not to apply pressure to the sensor areas.

Do not get liquid on the connector pins or inside the connector (Use sterilising cap provided).

Containment and transportation:

No particular requirements.

It is recommended that instruments are reprocessed as soon as is reasonably practical following use.

Preparation for cleaning:

To protect the electrical connector from immersion in liquids the sterilising cap (provided) should be fitted. Replacements can be purchased from Gaeltec Devices Limited.

Cleaning Manually:

Equipment: Enzol or Deconex 36 Intensiv cleaning solution, Soft brush, Running water.

1. Rinse excess soil from instrument.
2. Using soft brush, apply cleaning solution.
3. Immerse in the cleaning solution for the minimum required time.
4. Rinse under clean running water for at least 1 minute.

Note: It is important to follow the manufactures instruction for use supplied with any cleaning solution used for use.


Use either: Cidex OPA, RelyOn PeraSafe or Deconex 53 Plus in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.


Air dry.


None required.

Inspection and Function Testing:

All instruments: Visually inspect for damage and wear.

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