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Several needle and catheter types exist in the world for use of diferent measurements. Below we discuss each of the types and present the advantages and disadvantages associated with each. (Please note that Gaeltec do not make or offer the majority of these products)

Simple Needle

Early compartmental measurement ...

Date added: 2/3/2012

Increasing abdominal pressure with and without PEEP: effects on intra-peritoneal, intra-organ and intra-vascular pressures.


Intra-organ and intra-vascular pressures can be used to estimate intra-abdominal pressure. The aim of this prospective, interventional study was to assess the effect of PEEP on the accuracy of pressure estimation at different measurement sites in a model of increased abdominal pressure.


Catheters for pressure measurement were inserted into the stomach, ...

Date added: 1/23/2012

Intracranial pressure monitoring

Intracranial pressure monitoring uses a device, placed inside the head, which senses the pressure inside the skull and sends its measurements to a recording device.

How the Test is Performed

There are three ways to monitor pressure in the skull (intracranial pressure).


The intraventricular catheter ...

Date added: 1/23/2012

Inspiratory Flow Limitation During NREM And REM Sleep Investigated Under CPAP and C-Flex Conditions


Nasal CPAP is the current therapy of choice in sleep related breathing disorders. The CPAP pressure is usually a fixed pressure for inspiration and expiration. However, nCPAP therapy has a limited compliance even in patients who require this therapy due to a high ...

Date added: 1/23/2012

High pressures and asymmetrical stresses in the scoliotic disc in the absence of muscle loading


Loads acting on scoliotic spines are thought to be asymmetric and involved in progression of the scoliotic deformity; abnormal loading patterns lead to changes in bone and disc cell activity and hence to vertebral body and disc wedging. At present however there are ...

Date added: 1/20/2012

Making a Gaeltec Catheter

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