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Gaeltec Acquisition System

A low cost Data Acquisition System (GAS-4) which may be connected between a transducer amplifier and your computer. Free PC software is available.

This system includes a PicoLog ADC-20 with interface cables. This data logger allows you to record pressures (as voltages) at pre-set time intervals. You can set the number of recordings per second and the total number. The data can be shown on a spreadsheet and a graph in real time. The software is obtainable free of change form the Pico Technology web site. Visit their site for more details and download a demo at:

Two versions of the Gaeltec Acquisition System are available:

  • GAS-4 for interface to the Gaeltec Bridge Amplifier System (GBA-1)
  • GAS-4-S7d for interface to the Gaeltec General Purpose Amplifier (S7d)

Useful information

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