EquipmentS7d 4 or 8 channels

General purpose amplifier for interfacing Gaeltec Medical Pressure Transducers to host analogue devices

Designed specifically as a low cost device meeting the requirements of medical practitioners wishing to link Gaeltec Pressure Transducers to other Medical Devices which require an analogue input signal.

The Gaeltec S7d Mk.II is suitable for use as an interface between Gaeltec Pressure Transducers and suitable personal computers. This requires the use of an Analogue to Digital converter (see Equipment - DAQ system).

The S7d Mk.II is available in configurations of 4 or 8 channels according to customer requirement.

The S7d-Mk.II amplifier has been designed to 60601-1 Medical electrical equipment - Part1: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance use. It is not intended to be used for diagnosis of physiological processes leading to their subsequent treatment but it can be used for research purposes.

  • A single, multi-pin, Input connector provides for Pressure Transducer connection.
  • A single, multi-pin, Output connector provides for connection to the Host Device.
  • A backlit LCD bar graph display is provided for use during setup, configuration & recording.
  • The S7d Mk.II is powered by a medically approved Low Voltage mains adaptor (supplied).

Supplied components

The S7d Mk.II amplifier unit. A 9 volt DC medical mains Power Supply specific to the country of use. An Output Cable1 with free end for connection to the Host Analogue Recording Device2.

Avaliable accessories

  • An Input Cable1 for connection to the required Gaeltec Pressure Transducer(s).
  • Appropriate pressure transducer(s).
  • Calibration tube(s) for the specified pressure transducer(s).
  • A manometer for use during transducer calibration.

Additional accessories (Not supplied by Gaeltec)

  • A host analogue device.
  • Suitable software for displaying, recording and analysing the pressure outputs.

1 2m length supplied unless otherwise specified.

2 Additional connector for host device may be supplied at additional cost, if required.

Technical details:

Operating voltage:


Maximum Current:




Transducer Excitation Voltage:


Size mm (w x h x d):

195 x 70 x 190mm


800gm, plus 180gm for PSU

Display Type:

160 x 160 pixel Graphics LCD

Display Resolution:


Output Maximum:

±1V = ±30, ±100, ±200, ±300mmHg
or ±1V = ±100, ±200, ±400 CmH2O

Input Bandwidth:

DC – 45Hz

Output Noise:

< 1mmHg

Output Cable Connector:

Redel PAG M0.9GL.AC39A

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