AccessoriesSterilisation Caps

Two part, screw-on, sterilising caps

Designed to provide complete protection of the transducer connector and the reference pressure line when the transducer is being cleaned and disinfected in an enclosed washing machine or submerged in a bath.

There are two sizes of cap, one for all Gaeltec transducers with multiple sensors and a smaller version suitable for single sensor transducers. Both are backward compatible with Gaeltec transducers manufactured since the year 2000.

The screw-on caps are used in conjunction with a red silicone rubber "O" ring. In the case of multi sensor transducers, the ring is fitted onto the transducer plug and for single sensor transducers, the ring is fitted into the cap itself.

With both types it is important to ensure that the red ring is properly in place prior to immersion. Replacement "O" rings can be obtained from Gaeltec if required.

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