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This device enables the user to do a simple check on the extension cable (with or without an S13) and the monitor

If a system is not functioning it is not always clear which part of it needs attention. By exchanging the transducer for this unit, simulated zero pressure and approximate calibrated pressure steps can be presented to the system and the display checked for any errors. This will identify the problem as either in the recording apparatus and cables or the transducer.

The unit can also be used to roughly set up the amplifier gain before calibrating the complete system with a known pressure using the calibration tube.

The simulator can be supplied with 300mm Hg full scale (CA-2/300) or 150mm Hg full scale (CA-2/150).

Technical details:

No Channels:



0, 50, 100, 150, 200, 300 mmHg

Output Polarity:

Positive or Negative

Output Connector:

6-Pin Lemo


Better then ±5%


120 x 65 x 40mm



Useful information

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