Lower GICatheter Tip Pressure Transducers

Robust metal sensing diaphragms mounted within soft flexible silicone rubber catheters

Excellent frequency response and are simple to use for standard manometry as well as ambulatory recording.

Compatible with a wide range of monitors, which have been set for use with conventional transducers having a sensitivity of 5µV/V/mmHg.

Sterilisation is by means of cold aqueous solutions of detergicide (e.g. Cidex) or by ethylene oxide gas. Do not use sodium hypochlorite solution.

We can make special units with other configurations of lumen and balloon tie in this range of extra long catheters.

Technical details:


Metal diaphragm with directly deposited resistive strain gauges


5V AC r.m.s. maximum or 1V DC maximum

Bridge resistance:

1.5kΩ nominal



Linear pressure range:

0 - 300mmHg

Compensated temperature range:

15 - 40°C

Temperature coefficient of zero:

< 0.05%FS/C°

Temperature coefficient of sensitivity:

< 0.2%/C°

Linearity and hysteresis error:

< ±1%FS BSL




6 pin Lemo 2 series for single sensor,
14 pin Lemo 4 series for 2/3 sensor catheters. As supplied on the appropriate extension lead type EL-1/2/3

Useful information

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