Developed to make non-invasive measurements of ICP in neonates,
using the principle of applanation
of the fontanelle

A high frequency response gives a good display of respiratory and pulse pressure waves.

A balloon over the sensor enables the baseline to be checked by equalising pressure above and below the sensor in situ, as in the Gaeltec Devices ICT/B transducer.

A major advantage of this system over pneumatic devices is the compatibility with most strain gauge pressure monitors using the extension lead type EL-1, with the appropriate connector, fitted by the customer or by Gaeltec Devices.

Sterilisation is by means of cold aqueous solutions of detergicide (e.g. Cidex) or by ethylene oxide gas. Do not use sodium hypochlorite solution.

Technical details:


Metal diaphragm with directly deposited resistive strain gauges


5V AC r.m.s. maximum or 1V DC maximum

Bridge resistance:

1.5kΩ nominal



Linear pressure range:

0 - 100mmHg

Compensated temperature range:

15 - 40°C

Temperature coefficient of zero:

< 0.05%FS/C°

Temperature coefficient of sensitivity:

< 0.2%/C°

Linearity and hysteresis error:

< ±1%FS BSL




50cm of flexible silicone rubber


Standard Gaeltec Devices 6 pin Lemo 2 series

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