NeurosurgeryIntracranial Catheter Tip Pressure Transducers

A range of catheter tip transducers designed for measuring intracranial pressure by the epidural method

Able to check the zero drift of the ICT/B and pressure monitor in-vivo. The transducer not only allows for accurate measurements, but also allows moving the patient with the ICT/B in the epidural space and reconnection to another monitor quickly.

There is a flat silicone rubber membrane, or balloon, covering the pressure sensing diaphragm. Two internal tubes connect the two sides of the diaphragm to a female luer fitting on the connector shell. By introducing approximately 0.2 to 0.3ml of air, the pressure in these tubes will be greater than the ICP being measured. The exact amount of air is not critical, subject to the permitted maximum. When this air is injected, the pressure will cause the balloon to be lifted from the surface of the sensor and the same pressure will be applied to the back of the sensor. The strain gauge senses equal pressure above and below which is equivalent to having zero pressure applied. Thus by injecting a small volume of air, one undeflects the pressure sensor and checks the zero of the transducer and amplifier.

Sterilisation is by means of cold aqueous solutions of detergicide (e.g. Cidex) or by ethylene oxide gas. Do not use sodium hypochlorite solution.

Please note that due to changes in legislation, we recently re-classified the ICT/B from Class II to a Class III Medical Device under the European Medical Device Directive. At present, our EC certificate does not cover Class III Medical Devices and so the ICT/B no longer carries the European CE mark.

Technical details:

Sensor housing:

Titanium 2.3mm thick 6mm wide


50cm silicone rubber 2.4mm Ø


Metal diaphragm with directly deposited resistive strain gauges


5V AC r.m.s. maximum or 1V DC maximum

Bridge resistance:

1.5kΩ nominal



Linear pressure range:

0 - 100mmHg

Compensated temperature range:

15 - 40°C

Temperature coefficient of zero:

< 0.05%FS/C°

Zero drift:

< 1mmHg in 24 hours

Temperature coefficient of sensitivity:

< 0.2%/C°

Linearity and hysteresis error:

< ±1%FS BSL

Maximum balloon inflation volume:

0.4ml of air




6 pin Lemo 2 series

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