SpecialsEMG Electrode Catheters

A wide range of intralumenal, flexible, multi-use, silicone rubber catheters

Manufactured with platinum or stainless steel ring electrodes mounted alone or in combination with Gaeltec pressure sensors.

Whilst standard catheters are available we also manufacture catheters to individual customer's specifications with regards to length, diameter and electrode location.

If required, the catheter may be specified in single or multi lumen variants (not twin lumen which we use to describe some of our urological transducers) which will impose constraints on its overall diameter.

By appropriate choice of specification, these catheters have applications in upper and lower GI tracts and for urine leakage detection in ambulatory urological studies.

Previously, this range of catheters were marked with generic part numbers which identified only the number of electrodes and pressure sensors. For re-ordering purposes the unique Serial Number which is shown on the connector label should be used. This identifies the various parameters mentioned above. Newer catheters are marked with a specific product code.

When seeking the availability of a Gaeltec device mentioned in any Scientific Paper, as much detail as possible should be supplied in order to assist in identification of the correct specification.

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