UrologyVoid Sensor

A simple and robust strain gauge device for use in flow rate studies

Constructed of white PVC and ABS plastic, the Gaeltec Devices Voiding Sensor contains an amplifier which can be factory set to a sensitivity to match most systems.

The Gaeltec Devices Voiding Sensor includes a 3 metre lead made from a very flexible PVC outer with an extra-flexible core.

The device is protected from overloads, can measure up to 1kg or 2kg and interfaces directly with the Gaeltec Devices Cuillin NanoLogger ambulatory recording system or most other recording systems.

Technical details:


3 metre white PVC jacket


6 pin plastic REDEL type

Diameter of sensor:



Adjustable 0.8 to 40mV/kg

Power requirement:

3 to 30 volt DC supply

Useful information

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